Instance Method


Disables the Apple Watch touch screen to prevent accidental taps while the watch is submerged.


func enableWaterLock()


The following rules apply when using Water Lock:

  • You can only enable Water Lock when the app is running in the foreground during an active workout or location session.

  • The app must be running on a supported device (the WKInterfaceDevice object's waterResistanceRating property must be set to WKWaterResistanceRating.wr50).

  • Water Lock remains active until the user unlocks it. You cannot programmatically unlock the watch.

See Also

Managing the User Interface

var isAutorotating: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether the interface automatically rotates when the user flips their wrist.

var isAutorotated: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the user interface is currently rotated so that it is properly oriented for another viewer.