Instance Property


Returns the last visible interface controller.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) WKInterfaceController *visibleInterfaceController;


Use this property to determine which interface controller is currently displayed by the app. For example, in the extension delegate's handleBackgroundTasks: method for a snapshot request, use this property to determine the user interface's current contents, and make any changes before the snapshot is taken.

Or, when the app is launched due to a Handoff activity, use the handleUserActivity: method's userInfo dictionary to determine what to display. Then use the visibleInterfaceController property to determine whether to push or pop to a different interface controller.

This property contains the following values:

  • If the app is running in the foreground--The currently presented interface controller.

  • If the app is in the background--The last interface controller presented by the app.

  • If the app has just launched--The app's rootInterfaceController.

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