Instance Property


A Boolean value that determines whether the app extends its time as the frontmost app.


@property(nonatomic, getter=isFrontmostTimeoutExtended) BOOL frontmostTimeoutExtended;


This value defaults to NO. An app remains the frontmost app for two minutes after the user drops their wrist. Setting this property to YES extends the app's time as the frontmost app to eight minutes.

Don't just extend the app's frontmost time globally. Instead, enable it only when the user is performing an activity that they are likely to continue. Otherwise, disable it. Users can also change the default length of time that apps spend as the frontmost app (Settings > General > Wake Screen). If they select a time that is eight minutes or longer, then this property has no effect. In other words, when frontmostTimeoutExtended is set to YES, the app remains the frontmost app for eight minutes, or for the amount of time selected by the user, whichever is longer.

For more information see Understand Frontmost App State.

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