Instance Method


Responds to Handoff–related activity from complications and notifications.


optional func handleUserActivity(_ userInfo: [AnyHashable : Any]?)



The dictionary containing data about the activity.


Use it to respond to Handoff–related activity. WatchKit calls this method when your app is launched as a result of a Handoff action. Use the information in the provided userInfo dictionary to determine how you want to respond to the action. For example, you might decide to display a specific interface controller.

The default implementation of this method does nothing. When overriding this method, do not call super.

Handling Activities from Complications and Notifications

This method is called whenever your app is launched from a complication or notification. Update your app's user interface based on the userInfo parameter. Your app should seamlessly continue the interaction from the complication or notification.

When your app is launched because the user tapped on a complication, the userInfo dictionary contains the CLKLaunchedTimelineEntryDateKey key. The value is a Date object that indicates when the complication was launched.

See Also

Coordinating Handoff Activity

func handle(NSUserActivity)

Responds to Handoff–related activity from Siri.