Instance Method


Responds to Handoff–related activity from Siri.


- (void)handleActivity:(NSUserActivity *)userActivity;



The activity object containing the data associated with the task the user was performing. Use the data to continue the user's activity in your app on Apple Watch.


The WatchKit app extension calls this method when it receives data associated with a user activity. Use this method to update your app on Apple Watch so that the user can continue the activity from where they left off.

Handling Activities from SiriKit

This method is called whenever your app is launched to handle a SiriKit intent. Update your app's user interface based on the userActivity parameter. Your app should seamlessly continue the interaction that began in Siri.

By default, the intent provides an NSUserActivity object whose interaction property contains both the originating intent and your response. You can add additional, app-specific information by creating a new NSUserActivity object in your intent's confirm or handle method, and adding your data to the activity's userInfo dictionary.

When continuing activities from SiriKit:

  • Look for the intent specified in the interaction property. Resume handling this intent in your app.

  • Avoid accidentally repeating actions (such as making double payments). For example, check the INInteraction object's intentResponse property to see if the action has already been completed.

Intents may launch your app under the following circumstances:

  • Some intents always launch the app after the intent is successfully handled (for example, intents with a continueInApp response code).

  • Your intent's handle and confirm methods launch the app when you resolve the intent with a failureRequiringAppLaunch (or similar) response code.

  • The user can always decide to launch the app at any point in a Siri transaction.

See Also

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