Instance Method


Pushes a new interface controller onto the screen.


- (void)pushControllerWithName:(NSString *)name context:(id)context;



The name of the interface controller you want to display. In your storyboard, the name of an interface controller is stored in the object’s Identifier property, which is located in the attributes inspector.


An object to pass to the new interface controller. Use the object in this parameter to communicate important information to the new interface controller, such as the data to display or any relevant state information. You may specify nil for this parameter if you want, but doing so is not recommended.


Use this method to perform a navigation-style transition to the specified interface controller. The system initializes the new interface controller with the specified context object and animates the transition asynchronously. During the transition, the currently visible interface controller’s content disappears from the screen and is replaced by the content of the new controller.

Always call this method from your WatchKit extension’s main thread.

See Also

Implementing a Navigation Interface

- popController

Pops the current interface controller from the screen.

- popToRootController

Pops all interface controllers except the app’s initial interface controller.