Instance Method


Tells the system that you are about to start a potentially lengthy update task for your glance.


func beginGlanceUpdates()


Calling this method is not required when updating your glance. This method is intended for situations where loading your glance content involves asynchronous method calls or other potentially lengthy tasks. Calling it from your willActivate() method before you start such operations causes WatchKit to continue displaying the glance loading screen until you call the endGlanceUpdates() method. Even if your glance is not yet onscreen, calling this method gives you extra time to process results received from an asynchronous call.

You must balance each call to this method with a corresponding call to the endGlanceUpdates() method. Failure to do so prevents your updated glance content from being displayed. You may nest calls to this method to mark several update points. When the willActivate() method returns, WatchKit checks for any in-progress glance updates and displays the loading screen until you make the matching calls to the endGlanceUpdates() method.

When your interface controller’s didDeactivate() method is called, WatchKit ends any outstanding glance updates automatically.

See Also

Managing Glance Updates

func endGlanceUpdates()

Tells the system that you finished updating your glance content.