Instance Property


The name assigned to the underlying device.


var name: String { get }


On Apple Watch, the name matches the one specified in the General > About > Name section of the Apple Watch app on the paired iPhone. When running in the simulator, the name corresponds to the name of the host computer.

See Also

Reading the Device Settings

var model: String

The model information for the device.

var localizedModel: String

The localized version of the model information.

var wristLocation: WKInterfaceDeviceWristLocation

The wrist on which the user wears the Apple Watch.

enum WKInterfaceDeviceWristLocation

Constants indicating the wrist on which the user wears the Apple Watch.

var crownOrientation: WKInterfaceDeviceCrownOrientation

The side on which the crown is positioned.

enum WKInterfaceDeviceCrownOrientation

Constants indicating the crown orientation from the user’s perspective.

var preferredContentSizeCategory: String

The preferred font-sizing option.