Instance Property


A dictionary containing the name and size (in bytes) of the cached images.


@property(nonatomic, readonly, strong) NSDictionary<NSString *,NSNumber *> *cachedImages;


In watchOS 1 apps, use this property to move images from the WatchKit extension on iPhone to the Watch app on Apple Watch. Using the cachedImages dictionary, you can transmit the image once, and then access it by name multiple times.

See Also

watchOS 1 Properties and Methods

- addCachedImage:name:

Caches the image using the provided name.

- addCachedImageWithData:name:

Caches the image data using the provided name.

- removeAllCachedImages

Removes all the cached images from the cachedImages dictionary.

- removeCachedImageWithName:

Removes the cached image with the specified name.