Instance Property


The wrist on which the user wears the Apple Watch.


var wristLocation: WKInterfaceDeviceWristLocation { get }


Users specify the wrist placement during the initial setup of Apple Watch, and this property reflects the information provided by the user.

See Also

Reading the Device Settings

var name: String

The name assigned to the underlying device.

var model: String

The model information for the device.

var localizedModel: String

The localized version of the model information.

enum WKInterfaceDeviceWristLocation

Constants indicating the wrist on which the user wears the Apple Watch.

var crownOrientation: WKInterfaceDeviceCrownOrientation

The side on which the crown is positioned.

enum WKInterfaceDeviceCrownOrientation

Constants indicating the crown orientation from the user’s perspective.

var preferredContentSizeCategory: String

The preferred font-sizing option.