Instance Method


Changes the color applied to a template image.


func setTintColor(_ tintColor: UIColor?)



The tint color to use for a template image. Specify nil to use the default tint color.


When you display a template image, use this method to set the tint color to apply to that image. With a template image, WatchKit uses only the alpha channel of the image to define a shape. To create a template image from an existing image, call the withRenderingMode(_:) method on an existing UIImage and specify the UIImage.RenderingMode.alwaysTemplate rendering mode.

An image object applies the tint color only when it contains a single template image. It does not apply the tint color to animated images or images that are not configured as template images.

See Also

Configuring the Image

func setImage(UIImage?)

Sets the displayed image using the specified image object.

func setImageData(Data?)

Sets the displayed image using a formatted data object.

func setImageNamed(String?)

Sets the displayed image using a named image resource file.