Instance Method


Displays an image from the WatchKit app’s bundle on top of the map.


- (void)addAnnotation:(CLLocationCoordinate2D)location withImageNamed:(NSString *)name centerOffset:(CGPoint)offset;



The location at which to display the image.


The name of the image to be loaded from the WatchKit app’s bundle or device-side cache. For images in the bundle, specify the filename of the image and include the filename extension in the name. If no image with the specified name can be found in the WatchKit app bundle, WatchKit displays a red pin at the location.


The offset (in points) at which to place the center of the image. Normally, the center point of an annotation image is placed at the specified location on the map. Use this parameter to reposition the image relative to that point.


This method adds an image to the map at the specified geographic location. The image is positioned just above the actual coordinate and centered on the coordinate horizontally.

See Also

Managing Map Annotations

- addAnnotation:withImage:centerOffset:

Displays the specified image on top of the map.

- addAnnotation:withPinColor:

Adds a pin to the map at the specified location.


Constants for map pin colors.

- removeAllAnnotations

Removes all annotations from the map.