Instance Method


Sets the URL of the movie to play.


- (void)setMovieURL:(NSURL *)URL;



The URL of the movie to play. The URL must be a file-based URL that refers to a movie or audio file in the appropriate format.

The URL must be in a shared location that can be accessed by both the Watch app interface and the WatchKit extension. For more information, see Sharing Data in App Programming Guide for watchOS.


Movies must be local to the device before playback begins. If you specify a URL that is on a remote server, Apple Watch downloads the movie before playing it.

See Also

Setting the Movie Attributes

- setVideoGravity:

Sets the resizing behavior for the movie content.

- setPosterImage:

Sets the poster image to display for the movie.

- setLoops:

Sets a Boolean value indicating whether the movie plays in a continuous loop.