Instance Method


Sets the combination of accessibility traits that best characterize the accessibility element.


- (void)setAccessibilityTraits:(UIAccessibilityTraits)accessibilityTraits;



The traits that characterize this element. For a list of traits and appropriate combinations, see UIAccessibilityTraits.


Use this method to change the accessibility traits associated with your interface objects.

See Also

Configuring the Accessibility Attributes

- setAccessibilityIdentifier:

Sets the unique identifier string for the interface object.

- setAccessibilityLabel:

Sets a succinct label on the object that identifies the accessibility element.

- setAccessibilityHint:

Sets the description of what happens when performing an action on the accessibility element.

- setAccessibilityValue:

Sets the value of the accessibility element.

- setIsAccessibilityElement:

Sets whether the object is an accessibility element that an assistive app can access.

- setAccessibilityImageRegions:

Marks portions of an image as separate accessible elements.