An interface object that displays a visual separator within a group.


class WKInterfaceSeparator : WKInterfaceObject


Use WKInterfaceSeparator to manipulate a separator at runtime, such as changing its color. You can also use the inherited methods to show or hide it and configure other attributes.

Do not subclass or create instances of this class yourself. Instead, define outlets in your interface controller class and connect them to the corresponding objects in your storyboard file. For example, to refer to a separator object in your interface, define a property with the following syntax in your interface controller class:

@IBOutlet weak var mySeparator: WKInterfaceSeparator!

During the initialization of your interface controller, WatchKit creates any needed separator objects and assigns them to their connected outlets. At that point, you can use those objects to make changes to the onscreen text.

Interface Builder Configuration Options

Xcode lets you configure information about your separator interface object in your storyboard file. Table 1 lists the attributes you can configure and their meaning.

Table 1

WatchKit separator attributes




The default color of the separator. You can also set this value programmatically using the setColor(_:) method.


Configuring the Separator

func setColor(UIColor?)

Sets the color of the separator bar.


Inherits From

Conforms To

See Also


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