Instance Method


Creates the row controllers to use when populating the table with data.


- (void)setRowTypes:(NSArray<NSString *> *)rowTypes;



An array of strings, each of which corresponds to the name of a row controller defined in your storyboard file. The total number of items in this array is the number of rows to be created in the table.


Use this method when you want to display more than one type of row in your table. This method removes any existing rows from the table and configures a new set of rows based on the information in the rowTypes parameter. For each row, the method also creates an instance of that row’s class and puts the resulting object in an internal array, which you access using the rowControllerAtIndex: method. It is your responsibility to configure each new row controller with the data you want to display.

The order of the strings in the rowTypes parameter determines the order of the row controller objects you retrieve using the rowControllerAtIndex: method, with the first row type used to create the row controller at index 0, the second row type used to create the row controller at index 1, and so on.

See Also

Specifying the Row Types

- setNumberOfRows:withRowType:

Creates the specified number of row controllers (of the same type) to use in populating the table with data.