The abstract superclass for WatchKit's other background task classes.


class WKRefreshBackgroundTask : NSObject


Do not subclass or create instances of this class. The system automatically creates an appropriate background task object whenever it triggers a background task. This object is passed to your extension delegate’s handle(_:) method. Use the provided background task object to identify and manage the background task.


Accessing Background Task Data

var userInfo: (NSSecureCoding & NSObjectProtocol)?

Custom information associated with the background task.

Completing the Background Task

func setTaskCompleted()

Marks the task as complete.

func setTaskCompletedWithSnapshot(Bool)

Marks the task as complete and indicates whether the system should take a new snapshot of the app.


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See Also

Background Tasks

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Preparing to Take Your watchOS App’s Snapshot

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class WKApplicationRefreshBackgroundTask

A background task used to update your app’s state in the background.

class WKURLSessionRefreshBackgroundTask

A background task that helps you respond to URLSession background transfers.

class WKWatchConnectivityRefreshBackgroundTask

A background task used to receive background updates from the Watch Connectivity framework.

class WKSnapshotRefreshBackgroundTask

A background task used to update your app’s user interface in preparation for a snapshot.

class WKIntentDidRunRefreshBackgroundTask

A background task used to update your app after a SiriKit intent runs.

class WKRelevantShortcutRefreshBackgroundTask

A background task used to periodically donate relevant Siri shortcuts.

Background Session Keys

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