A background task used to periodically donate relevant Siri shortcuts.


class WKRelevantShortcutRefreshBackgroundTask : WKRefreshBackgroundTask


Relevant shortcut refresh tasks provide background execution time for your app to update its relevant shortcuts. This task lets your app provide up-to-date, glanceable data, without requiring the user to tap the shortcut or launch your app. Use this task to check if your data has been updated. If it has, supply new relevant shortcuts as needed.

Do not subclass or create instances of this class. Instead, the system instantiates a WKRelevantShortcutRefreshBackgroundTask object, and passes the task object to your extension delegate’s handle(_:) method. The system automatically schedules relevant shortcut refresh tasks based on the user’s engagement with your app’s shortcuts. The more the user glances at or interacts with the shortcuts, the more often the system gives your app a relevant shortcut refresh task.


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