watchOS 6 Beta 2 Release Notes

Update your apps to use new features, and test your apps against API changes.


The watchOS 6 SDK provides support for developing watchOS apps for Apple Watch devices running watchOS 6. The SDK comes bundled with Xcode 11 beta available from Beta Software Downloads. For information on the compatibility requirements for Xcode 11, see Xcode 11 Beta 2 Release Notes.


Known Issues

  • When playing audio in Music, Podcasts, or Books on iPhone, the counterpart watchOS app might not launch as expected to the Now Playing view. (51591666)

  • Before reinstalling built-in apps that you removed from your iPhone, enable Automatic App Install in the Apple Watch app to get the counterpart watchOS app back. (50799441)

  • The close button in a modally presented interface might be positioned partially offscreen. (51679414)

  • Apps might be unable to send data over WatchConnectivity. (51653277)

Resolved Issues

  • It’s no longer an issue to pair Apple Watch with your iPhone when the language and region are mismatched. (51300290)

  • You don’t need to connect your iPhone to the internet using Wi-Fi before pairing Apple Watch. (51322779)


Resolved Issues

  • Voiceover in Walkie-Talkie identifies contact names and the state of their invitation. (50839333)

App Store

Known Issues

  • Under certain conditions, apps might download twice. (49426944)

  • You might be unable to download certain apps from App Store on Apple Watch.

    Workaround: Download the app using the App Store on your iPhone. (48607063)

Resolved Issues

  • Apps installed using TestFlight launch as expected. (50782082)

  • You can download apps from the App Store on Apple Watch using your watch cellular plan. (50998969)

  • Double-pressing the side button to install App Store apps works properly for watches set to any region. (51031373)


Known Issues

  • Firmly pressing a button in Calculator might cause buttons to become stuck. (50738294)

    Workaround: Tap any button.


Resolved Issues

  • Calendar events on Apple Watch no longer fall out of sync with your iPhone. (51227120)


Known Issues

  • You might be unable to create a timer from a Siri watch face suggestion. (49862136)

Resolved Issues

  • Complications appear correctly in the Apple Watch Face Gallery on your iPhone. (50989687)


Known Issues

  • Certain languages might exhibit clipped or misaligned layout. (50636140, 51068688)

  • Certain languages might display text that isn’t localized. (47765173)


Known Issues

  • Temporary, “Allow Once” location authorization isn’t currently supported. (50385453)


Known Issues

  • You might be unable to navigate from an origin location that’s different than your current location when a watch running watchOS 6 beta is paired to your iPhone. (47399367)


New Features



New Features

  • To send a UserNotifications push to a watchOS device, a new apns-push-type key is now required as part of the APNs request header. Depending on the type of notification, this key can be set to alert or background and is supported across all Apple platforms. (47099534)

Phone and FaceTime

Resolved Issues

  • Dialing Emergency Services using the keypad dials successfully when both Screen Time and Downtime are enabled. (50795262)

  • Visual Voicemail messages play from within notifications. (50791484)


Known Issues

  • Asking Siri to play a podcast on Apple Watch might result in an error message. (50392036)

Screen Time

Resolved Issues

  • Downtime settings sync to Apple Watch. (51076134)


Known Issues

  • Adjusting privacy settings for third-party apps on Apple Watch might not work. Use Settings > Privacy on your iPhone instead. (51636955)

  • Sharing a Wi-Fi network password from a device to your watch might cause the Settings app to become unresponsive.

    Workaround: Quit and restart the Settings app. (51639347)

  • Dictation might remain enabled after disabling it in Settings. (49396495)

  • The Wake Screen on Crown Up setting might not be available. (50871735)

  • Settings might quit unexpectedly when toggling the Auto-launch Audio Apps setting. (50993931)

Resolved Issues

  • Cellular settings no longer appear on devices that aren’t cellular-capable. (49392838)

  • Terms & Conditions appear properly when installing a software update using Settings on Apple Watch. (50665518)

  • The privacy setting for Headphone Audio Levels displays as inactive after it’s switched off. (50786412)

  • The Back button appears properly after beginning the pairing process. (51298109)

  • Privacy settings reflect accurately on Apple Watch. (51125686)


Known Issues

  • Announce Messages with Siri might not work with AirPods that are connected to Apple Watch. (47467681)

Resolved Issues

  • Multipart Siri requests are recognized. (51016004)


Known Issues

  • Return types for View modifier methods include complex generic types. In a future release, these methods will return simpler types. (46140669)

  • Image instances don’t use resizing information configured in asset catalogs. Configure the size of an image using the resizable(capInsets:resizingMode:) modifier instead. (49114577)

  • A Picker may take longer than expected to appear at runtime on watchOS. (50969430)

  • A ScrollView doesn’t always size itself as expected for its content. (49204262)

    Workaround: Size the view that’s inside the ScrollView by applying the frame(width:height:alignment:) modifier to the inner view. (49204262)

Resolved Issues

  • The possible values that you can select from a Picker can now be accessed from UI automation. (50679414)


Known Issues

  • Complication pushes might be significantly delayed.

    Workaround: Attach to your app extension’s process in Xcode before sending the push. (51201984)

Resolved Issues

  • Long look notifications display background images. (50207317)

  • Building and running a WatchKit app no longer produces logging errors about adding "remote-notification" to UIBackgroundModes. (50624028)


Resolved Issues

  • Workout Do Not Disturb is now available. (50374113)

Voice Memos

Known Issues

  • iCloud support is currently unavailable for Voice Memos. (48297994)


Known Issues

  • If your watch debugging session continuously times out, you might need to quit and relaunch Xcode after connecting to the internet in order to download the appropriate DeviceSupport files. (50554987)

  • Swift interfaces for several new URLSession APIs are unavailable. (50517967)

  • CKSubscription and CKSubscription.NotificationInfo aren’t available to Swift on watchOS. (47819934)

Resolved Issues

  • The watchOS Settings app launches properly in Simulator. (50972645)