A WebArchive object represents a webpage that can be archived—for example, archived on disk or on the pasteboard. A WebArchive object contains the main resource, as well as the subresources and subframes of the main resource. The main resource can be an entire webpage, a portion of a webpage, or some other kind of data such as an image. Use this class to archive webpages, or place a portion of a webpage on the pasteboard, or to represent rich web content in any application.


class WebArchive : NSObject



init!(mainResource: WebResource!, subresources: [Any]!, subframeArchives: [Any]!)

Initializes the receiver with a resource and optional subresources and subframe archives..

init!(data: Data!)

Initializes and returns the receiver, specifying the initial content data.

Getting attributes

var mainResource: WebResource!

The receiver’s main resource.

var subresources: [Any]!

The receiver’s subresources, or nil if there are none.

var subframeArchives: [Any]!

Archives representing the receiver’s subresources or nil if there are none.

var data: Data!

The data representation of the receiver.



The pasteboard type for this class.


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