Instance Property


An estimate, as a percentage, of the amount of content that is currently loaded.


var estimatedProgress: Double { get }


A number ranging from 0 to 1.0 and, once a load completes, 1.0 until a new load starts, at which point it resets to 0.

The value is an estimate based on the total number of bytes expected to be received for a document, including all its possible subresources. For more accurate load progress information, implement delegates conforming to the WebFrameLoadDelegate and WebResourceLoadDelegate informal protocols.

See Also

Loading Content

func stopLoading(Any?)

An action method that stops the loading of any web frame content managed by the receiver.

func takeStringURLFrom(Any?)

Sets the receiver’s current location by obtaining a URL string from the sender.

func reload(Any?)

An action method that reloads the current page.

func reloadFromOrigin(Any?)

Action method that performs an end-to-end revalidation using cache-validating conditionals if possible.