Instance Property


An estimate, as a percentage, of the amount of content that is currently loaded.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) double estimatedProgress;


A number ranging from 0 to 1.0 and, once a load completes, 1.0 until a new load starts, at which point it resets to 0.

The value is an estimate based on the total number of bytes expected to be received for a document, including all its possible subresources. For more accurate load progress information, implement delegates conforming to the WebFrameLoadDelegate and WebResourceLoadDelegate informal protocols.

See Also

Loading Content

- stopLoading:

An action method that stops the loading of any web frame content managed by the receiver.

- takeStringURLFrom:

Sets the receiver’s current location by obtaining a URL string from the sender.

- reload:

An action method that reloads the current page.

- reloadFromOrigin:

Action method that performs an end-to-end revalidation using cache-validating conditionals if possible.