A WKNavigationAction object contains information about an action that may cause a navigation, used for making policy decisions.


class WKNavigationAction : NSObject


Inspecting Navigation Information

var request: URLRequest

The navigation’s request.

var sourceFrame: WKFrameInfo

The frame requesting the navigation.

var targetFrame: WKFrameInfo?

The target frame, or nil if this is a new window navigation.

Inspecting User Actions

var buttonNumber: Int

The number of the mouse button causing the navigation to be requested.

var modifierFlags: NSEvent.ModifierFlags

The modifier keys that were in effect when the navigation was requested.

var navigationType: WKNavigationType

The type of action that triggered the navigation.


enum WKNavigationType

The type of action triggering a navigation.


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class WKNavigation

A WKNavigation object contains information for tracking the loading progress of a webpage.

class WKNavigationResponse

A WKNavigationResponse object contains information about a navigation response, used for making policy decisions.

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