A WKPreferences object encapsulates the preference settings for a web view.


class WKPreferences : NSObject


The preferences object associated with a web view is specified by its web view configuration.


Setting Rendering Preferences

Setting Java and JavaScript Preferences

var javaEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether Java is enabled.

var javaScriptCanOpenWindowsAutomatically: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether JavaScript can open windows without user interaction.

var javaScriptEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether JavaScript is enabled.

var plugInsEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether plug-ins are enabled.



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protocol WKNavigationDelegate

The methods of the WKNavigationDelegate protocol help you implement custom behaviors that are triggered during a web view's process of accepting, loading, and completing a navigation request.

class WKProcessPool

A WKProcessPool object represents a pool of Web Content processes.

class WKWindowFeatures

A WKWindowFeatures object specifies optional attributes for the containing window when a new web view is requested.

class WKWebView

An object that displays interactive web content, such as for an in-app browser.

class WKWebViewConfiguration

A collection of properties used to initialize a web view.

protocol WKUIDelegate

The WKUIDelegate class provides methods for presenting native user interface elements on behalf of a webpage.

Viewing Desktop or Mobile Web Content Using a Web View

Implement a simple iPad web browser that can view either the desktop or mobile version of a website.