The WKUIDelegate class provides methods for presenting native user interface elements on behalf of a webpage.


Web view user interface delegates implement this protocol to control the opening of new windows, augment the behavior of default menu items displayed when the user clicks elements, and perform other user interface–related tasks. These methods can be invoked as a result of handling JavaScript or other plug-in content. The default web view implementation assumes one window per web view, so non-conventional user interfaces might implement a user interface delegate.


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protocol WKNavigationDelegate

The methods of the WKNavigationDelegate protocol help you implement custom behaviors that are triggered during a web view's process of accepting, loading, and completing a navigation request.

class WKProcessPool

A WKProcessPool object represents a pool of Web Content processes.

class WKWindowFeatures

A WKWindowFeatures object specifies optional attributes for the containing window when a new web view is requested.

class WKWebView

A WKWebView object displays interactive web content, such as for an in-app browser. You can use the WKWebView class to embed web content in your app. To do so, create a WKWebView object, set it as the view, and send it a request to load web content.

class WKWebViewConfiguration

A collection of properties used to initialize a web view.

class WKPreferences

A WKPreferences object encapsulates the preference settings for a web view.