A WKWebsiteDataStore object represents various types of data used by a chosen website. Data types include cookies, disk and memory caches, and persistent data such as WebSQL, IndexedDB databases, and local storage.


class WKWebsiteDataStore : NSObject


Retrieving a Data Store

class func `default`() -> WKWebsiteDataStore

Returns the default data store.

class func nonPersistent() -> WKWebsiteDataStore

Returns a new nonpersistent data store.

Inspecting Data Store Properties

var isPersistent: Bool

A Boolean value that specifies whether the data store is persistent.

Retrieving a Cookie Store

var httpCookieStore: WKHTTPCookieStore

Returns a cookie store with the HTTP cookies in this website data store.

class WKHTTPCookieStore

An object that manages the HTTP cookies associated with a particular WKWebsiteDataStore.

Retrieving Specific Types of Data

class func allWebsiteDataTypes() -> Set<String>

Returns a set of all the available data types.

Removing Specific Types of Data

func removeData(ofTypes: Set<String>, for: [WKWebsiteDataRecord], completionHandler: () -> Void)

Removes the specified types of website data from the given data records.

func removeData(ofTypes: Set<String>, modifiedSince: Date, completionHandler: () -> Void)

Removes the specified types of data if the data was changed since the given date.


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Website Data

class WKWebsiteDataRecord

A WKWebsiteDataRecord object represents website data grouped by the originating URL’s domain name and suffix.