A buffer you use to access and modify the text contents and text selections in a source editor.


class XCSourceTextBuffer : NSObject


Mutations to the buffer are tracked and committed when a command completes successfully and has not been canceled by the user.


Accessing Source Text

var completeBuffer: String

The complete buffer’s string representation.

var contentUTI: String

The Unique Type Identifier (UTI) of the content in the buffer.

Editing Source Text

var lines: NSMutableArray

The lines of text in the buffer, including line endings.

var selections: NSMutableArray

The text selections in the buffer.

Configuring Source Editor Indentation

var indentationWidth: Int

The number of space characters used for indentation of the text in the buffer.

var usesTabsForIndentation: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether tabs are used for indentation.

var tabWidth: Int

The number of space characters represented by a tab character in the buffer.


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Source Text

struct XCSourceTextPosition

A zero-based position in a source editor, defined by a line number and column number.

class XCSourceTextRange

A half-open range of text in a buffer you use to select text or specify the insertion point for new text.