A half-open range of text in a buffer you use to select text or specify the insertion point for new text.


class XCSourceTextRange : NSObject


Source text ranges are half-open ranges. As a result, source text ranges include the character at the start position but exclude the character at the end position.

A range with equal start and end positions may be used to indicate a point within the buffer, such as an insertion point. The start and end position may be improperly ordered while you prepare them in your own code, but must be properly ordered before passing an XCSourceTextRange instance to other methods.


Creating Source Text Ranges

init(start: XCSourceTextPosition, end: XCSourceTextPosition)

Creates a new source text range defined by its starting and ending positions.

Getting the Bounds of Source Text Ranges

var start: XCSourceTextPosition

The start position of the range.

var end: XCSourceTextPosition

The end position of the range.


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See Also

Source Text

class XCSourceTextBuffer

A buffer you use to access and modify the text contents and text selections in a source editor.

struct XCSourceTextPosition

A zero-based position in a source editor, defined by a line number and column number.