An expectation that is fulfilled when an expected Darwin notification is received.


If a custom handler value is not provided, the expectation will be fulfilled as soon as a matching Darwin notification is received from any process.


Creating Darwin Notification Expectations

init(notificationName: String)

Creates an expectation that waits for a Darwin notification with the specified name to be posted.

Expectation Properties

var notificationName: String

The name of the notification that the expectation is waiting for.

Custom Notification Evaluation

var handler: XCTDarwinNotificationExpectation.Handler?

An optional handler that performs custom evaluation of matching notifications.

typealias XCTDarwinNotificationExpectation.Handler

A custom handler to be called when a matching notification is received.


Inherits From

See Also

Notification-Based Expectations

class XCTNSNotificationExpectation

An expectation that is fulfilled when an expected NSNotification is received.