Type Alias


A block to be called when a call to waitForExpectations(timeout:handler:) has all of its expectations fulfilled, or times out.


typealias XCWaitCompletionHandler = (Error?) -> Void



If the wait timed out or a failure was raised while waiting, the error's code will specify the type of failure. Otherwise, error will be nil. See XCTestError.Code for a list of possible errors.

See Also

Waiting for Expectations

func wait(for: [XCTestExpectation], timeout: TimeInterval)

Waits on a group of expectations for up to the specified timeout.

func wait(for: [XCTestExpectation], timeout: TimeInterval, enforceOrder: Bool)

Waits on an array of expectations and specifies whether they must be fulfilled in the given order.

func waitForExpectations(timeout: TimeInterval, handler: XCWaitCompletionHandler?)

Waits until all expectations are fulfilled or the timeout is reached.