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The Security Interface framework is a set of Objective-C classes that provide user interface elements for programs that implement security features.

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Hi all, I have try to use CryptoTokenKit library to use my private key in Smartcard to sign data. I can find Smartcard's tokenId by using class CryptoTokenKit But I don't know how to list all items in the SmartCard and use private key in the Smartcard to sign data. And I have try use command line interface: "security". I can list smartcards by command: security list-smartcard I can list all items in smartcard by command: security export-smartcard OR command: system_profiler SPSmartCardsDataType BUT I don't know how to use private key in the smartcard to sign data by the command interface "security" Very difficult to find document about interact with SmartCard on MacOS, so please help me! Can you share document to find items in SmartCard, use private key to sign data. Thanks all!
by tuantag.
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