itunes connect login down?

Is anyone getting a bunch of invalid css, and an invalid login screen when going to itunes connect?


All I see is a white screen - Safari 9.1.1 shows green.

Likewise, I'm seeing a white screen and no login request.

Also, I uploaded an app for TestFlight two hours ago and I don't yet have any acknowledgement of the processing completed. Turnaround on Monday was very fast.

11 minutes after my post, my app finished processing and itunes connect is now live again.

back up for me as well now.

Not for me 😢

I get error for testflight external menu.

Indicator is waiting long time.

I found error at chrome console.

like this. 500 (Internal Server Error)


I can get in via the website, but not in the iTunes connect app. Gives me invalid login error.

Same for me. Login in Safari is fine. The Connect App asks for TouchID, then for my password and finally replies, that my account can't get authenticated.

I even though I am too stupid to remember by password - but it is the App.

@Apple: please fix.

Same here a few hours later. I can login to ITC using Safari, but not using the iOS app, nor using the java Reporter.jar ingestion script, both of which worked fine yesterday.

I get error when login in iTunes Connect App.

"Error authentication iTunes Connect user. (2006)"

Login using Safari is OK.

Better today. Got in 8:00 CDT