Update to Big Sur - Multiple displays don´t work anymore

After updating to macOS Big Sur ver 11.0.1, Mac Book Pro MacBook Pro (Retina, 13', 2014) doesn´t recognize anymore two additional displays connected through i-Tec USB 3.0 Docking Station. Reinstalling driver Display-Link and i-Tec Driver hasn´t solved the problem.
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Same here :( MacBook Pro 2018 15".
Solved it. I've attached the not-working monitor directly to macbook and disconnected the I-Tec docking station. The monitor started to work and then I've reattached the docking station and it worked - both displays showed non-mirrored desktops. Then I've connected the second monitor through I-Tec and it still works.
Turn off WiFi, then plug in your docking station. Should bring on any external monitors/peripherals.
on 11.2.1 now.

The update seems to have reduced my TB3 dock to a fancy charger. This has removed access to my backup drive and an external monitor. The above tricks didn't work to fix the problem.
We just upgraded from 10.14 and using Kensington SD4750P docks. We switched out to Big Sur 11.2.3 and now the dock doesn't work for external displays. The system sees when I plug in USB devices. Using the USB-C dongle for mini DP connection to old iMacs for additional displays aren't working. The only thing that is working is the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. That won't go over well with the many systems we have schedule for deployment with the Kensington docks that are already being used.

Try plugging in the external monitors only on the left side of the Macbook.

  • tested with a $400 Targus thunderbolt Dock210 with two ancient Apple 30" Cinema displays in it;
  • tested with only 1 plugged into the dock, and the other plugged in separately
  • both scenarios work but ONLY when plugged into one of the Mac's LEFT ports.
  • I am using Intel Macbook pro 16" with Big Sur

Note that I did not need to install any drivers or software for the docking station.

Fixed, Got a 13" Macbook Pro Touch Early 2016

I was using a targus dock before, no displaylink driver required, plug and play

after updating no more external monitors

so i went to display link drivers and install it


Now is not automatic it requires "DisplayLink Manager" to run 2 external displays.... close the app... monitors stop working

but... at least now i can use 2 external monitors

works on all ports, left/right

using a dock is the problem, tried with a Sabrent thunderbolt to hdmi... works fine... no drivers required.

Pretty sure is a DisplayLink compatibility issue