Hardware and Drivers

Develop hardware and software that is compatible with macOS and Apple hardware. Macintosh hardware implements standard busses such as PCI, USB, and FireWire that support high-performance peripherals and add-in cards.


Apple’s Bluetooth Stack, based on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) standard, is integrated in macOS and the Bluetooth Software Developer’s Kit.
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Debug releases of the IOUSBFamily kernel extension are available to provide information about USB device and interface detection, driver and interface matching, driver loading and information generated as a result of normal and abnormal conditions.


To communicate with FireWire devices, macOS provides several device interfaces that are specific to different protocols and different types of communication. Learn how applications can communicate with or control a FireWire device.

Mini DisplayPort

The Mini DisplayPort Connector is a small form factor connector designed to fully support the VESA DisplayPort protocol. The dimensional specifications of the plug and receptacle mating interface and a recommended PCB landing pad are available for download under the Mini DisplayPort Evaluation License.
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Gain access to technical documentation and hardware components that are used to develop electronic accessories that interact with iPod, iPhone and iPad. Learn more