iAd Creative Toolkit

Want to build ad content directly by coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? The iAd Creative Toolkit provides the resources you need to build iAd ad bundles, integrate iOS features, and track performance. The kit includes sample ads, code examples, plus documentation for iOS features and integrating analytics into your ad.

Additional Downloads
Ad Formats and Guidelines

Review the specs and guidelines to understand your advertising options.

Test and Submit

Once you’ve built your ad, you’ll need to test it and submit it for certification before launch.

Test Your iAd

Sign in to the iAd Creative Management Tool and test your ad with iAd Tester. You must QA your ad using the media plan spec sheet from your iAd Account Manager to make sure it works across all targeted devices, iOS versions, and network connections. Your login information is available from your account manager.

Sign in to the iAd Creative Management Tool

Submit Your Ad for Certification

After you have tested your ad, use the iAd Creative Management Tool to submit it for certification. You will get an acceptance or rejection notice within two business days. If your ad is rejected, you’ll need to make the necessary adjustments and resubmit it for certification at least two days prior to the media plan start date. Follow the submission checklist to ensure your ads are ready to launch.