Using iAd in Your iOS Apps

You can use iAd to deliver engaging ads to users with just a few lines of code. By integrating iAd in your apps, you earn 70 percent of the ad revenue generated while providing a high quality ad experience to your users.

iAd examples on iOS devices

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Technical Notes and Sample Code, and FAQs

It's Easy to Get Started

  1. Complete the iAd App Network contract
  2. Use the iAd Framework in your app
  3. Submit your app for review

Testing with the iAd Network

Test your implementation of iAd by running your app directly on an iOS device before submitting to the App Store. The iAd Network can send test ads to assist in validating your implementation and error handling.

Important: If your app does not include the proper delegate to handle errors, it will be rejected by the App Review Team.

View Your Ad Performance

See how much revenue you've earned and key ad metrics by app, country, or date, on the iAd App Network Reporting tool.

Developer Forums

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