IBM Watson Services for Core ML

Discover new ways to build intelligence into your apps.

With Watson Services for Core ML, it’s easy to build apps that access powerful Watson capabilities right from iPhone and iPad, so you can provide dynamic, intelligent insights that improve over time. And with the IBM Cloud Developer Console for Apple, you can quickly tap into Watson Services for Core ML and other services on IBM Cloud.

Build iOS apps that keep getting smarter.

You can build apps that leverage Watson models on iPhone and iPad, even when offline. Your apps can quickly analyze images, accurately classify visual content, and easily train models using Watson Services. Get started with pre-trained Watson models, or customize and train models that continuously learn over time.

Tag and classify images.
Watson Visual Recognition lets you quickly and accurately understand visual content. Visual Recognition comes with pre-trained models that let your app analyze images for scenes, objects, faces, colors, food, and various other types of content.

Customize models.
Different uses call for different models. You can create and train custom image classifiers using your own image collections to suit your business needs.

Train models with continuous learning.
Start building models with a single line of code. Easily create, evaluate, and manage custom models that continuously learn and improve over time.

Get everything you need to build
apps that integrate with IBM Cloud.

You can build apps that seamlessly integrate with IBM Cloud using the IBM Cloud Developer Console for Apple. This allows you to quickly tap into Watson Services for Core ML, as well as other IBM cloud services including authentication, data, analytics, and more. The console provides a catalog of starter kits designed for common frameworks that integrate with IBM Cloud.

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Getting started.

Learn More About Core ML
Find out how to use the Core ML framework to easily integrate machine learning models into your app with just a few lines of code.

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Begin with Watson Starters
Run a basic model to perform image classification locally or integrate continuous learning with the Watson Model APIs.

Start on GitHub

Go Further with Watson Services
Create more advanced models by using your own images to make a custom model that improves over time with continuous learning.

Access Watson Services