Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to ATSUI Programming Guide.

2008-09-30Moved document to Legacy.
2007-07-10Fixed typographical error, changed title.

Added an ampersand to myDescent in the second call to the function ATSUGetLineControl in Listing 3-5.


Changed the titled from Rendering Unicode Text With ATSUI to make the title consistent with other documents of this kind.

2007-03-06Fixed typographical errors.

Corrected code in step 2 of Creating Style Objects and Setting Attributes.


Made a correction to the code in Calculating Line Height.


Made a correction to the code in Breaking Lines.

2006-09-05Corrected typographical errors.

Changed err to status in Listing 6-2.

2006-01-10Updated the selectors for the CJK italic Roman and ruby kana feature types.
2005-11-09Fixed hyperlinks.
2005-07-07Fixed typographical errors.

Revised the index for PDF and print versions of this document.


Changed formatting for style and layout attributes.


Added additional information on the constants used to specify font substitution.


Fixed typographical and formatting errors.


First release of this document. Includes conceptual and task information through ATSUI version 2.4.


Supersedes these technical notes:


TN 2033, How to use the ATSUI Low Level APIs to get glyph outlines


TN 1027, Improving text drawing performance when using ATSUI