MLTE Introduction

Multilingual Text Engine (MLTE) is an application programming interface (API) that allows your application to provide Carbon-compliant Unicode text editing. MLTE is a replacement for TextEdit that offers more features than those in TextEdit—features such as document-wide tabs, full justification of text, support for more than 32 KB of text, built-in scroll bar handling, built-in printing support, support for inline input, support for the advanced font features of Apple Type Services for Unicode Imaging (ATSUI), and support for multiple levels of undo.

You can use MLTE to replace TextEdit functions in your existing applications. With it, you can significantly reduce the number of lines in your code because MLTE handles most of the low-level tasks you had to code in the past.

MLTE provides a quick and easy solution for static display of Unicode text and for creating Unicode-compliant text-editing fields within an application. You can also use MLTE if your application needs to provide text editing support within a full-size window.

For information about ATSUI (which MLTE supports), see ATSUI Programming Guide.