Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to ATSUI Reference.

2008-11-26Added statement to introduction that this technology is deprecated and replaced by Core Text.
2007-06-28Corrected several technical and typographical errors.

Removed information that incorrectly stated that you can set custom layout and line attributes. You can custom attributes only for styles.


Added clarification to the use of CGContextRef drawing destination in the function ATSUHighLightText.

2006-07-31Added deprecation infomation.
2005-11-09 Minor techincal fix.
2005-08-11 Added information to the function ATSUFindFontFromName and made a few minor technical corrections.
2005-07-07 Fixed typographical errors.

Added framework and header file information to the introduction. The ATSUI API is now defined in multiple header files.


Updated header file information for each function.


Added two constants for decimal tab support—kATSUDecimalTab and kATSULineDecimalTabCharacterTag.


Changed the name of the “Text Offset and Length Constants” group to “Text Buffer Convenience Constants” to reflect the addition of two constants used for bidirectional support.


Added a constant to support highlighting using a CGColor type—kATSULineHighlightCGColorTag.


Added several new style attributes. See “Attribute Tags.”


Added a new enumeration—“Style Line Count Types”—to specify line counts for underline and strike through styles.


Added information to the functions ATSURightwardCursorPosition and ATSULeftwardCursorPosition concerning new constants for bidirectional support. See “Text Buffer Convenience Constants” for a description of the new constants.


Added a new line layout option for line breaking—kATSLineBreakToNearestCharacter.


Improved wording for the function ATSUFindFontFromName.


Fixed typographical errors.


Updated availability information for the function ATSUBatchBreakLines. Improved wording in the discussion of the ATSUGetSoftLineBreaks function.


Removed the ATSUI gestalt constants. All gestalt constants are now documented in Inside Mac OS X: Gestalt Manager Reference.


Corrected information about the result code returned from the function ATSUGlyphGetCurvePaths.


Added header information for each function.


Added additional information to the functions ATSUFlattenStyleRunsFromStream and ATSUUnflattenStyleRunsFromStream.


Moved list of deprecated functions to Appendix A.


Fixed typographical errors.


Updated for ATSUI version 2.4. This document includes a complete revision of the existing documentation.


Added documentation for flattening and unflattening functions and data types. These allow you to save and retrieve ATSUI style data in a flattened format. The format for flattening ('ustl') is also updated.


Added documentation for direct-access functions and data types. These allow you to access glyph data directly.


Added documentation for functions and data types added for Mac OS X version 10.2, including new line-layout options, style rendering options, glyph information flags, a layout operation callback, support for tabs, and batch line breaking. You’ll find new attribute tags for text measurement (ascent, descent, leading, color (includes alpha channel), glyph selection, and font transformation.


Added documentation for font fallback objects.


Added documentation for new gestalt constants.


Revised existing ATSUI result codes and added new ones.


Updated Carbon support status of functions. Moved deprecated functions and data types to Legacy ATSUI Reference.


Replaced the function ATSUMeasureText with ATSUGetUnjustifiedBounds.


Updated for ATSUI version 1.2.