Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Cocoa Fundamentals Guide.

2013-09-18Moved to Retired Documents Library.
2010-12-13Replaced the layer diagrams with a single diagram and adjusted surrounding text. Removed the appendixes "Core Application Architecture" and "Other Cocoa Architectures." Made minor corrections throughout.
2010-11-15Added information related to versions of iOS up to iOS 4.2, including updated diagrams. Added information on toll-free bridging. Also made several minor corrections.
2010-06-25Changed "iPhone OS" to "iOS" throughout.
2010-05-26Made several minor corrections.
2010-03-24Added cautionary advice about UIKit classes and secondary threads.
2009-10-19Fixed some issues with the discussion of singleton implementation.
2009-08-20Modified the illustration showing iOS architecture.
2009-07-14Updated to describe Core Data as a technology supported by both OS X and iOS (as of iOS 3.0). Added description of value objects. Updated class-hierarchy diagrams for iOS 3.0 and OS X v10.6.
2009-05-28Added link to iPhone tutorial in the See Also section of the introduction and made minor corrections.
2008-11-19Made various small corrections.
2008-10-15Updated obsolete references to the iOS Programming Guide.
2008-07-08Updated for iOS.
2007-10-31Updated to describe new and enhanced features, including garbage collection, properties, fast enumeration, and development tools. Also added section on multithreading.
2006-12-20Added a "Cocoa API Conventions" section to "Adding Behavior to Your Cocoa Program."
2006-10-03Clarified the statement about reinitialization of objects and made minor corrections.
2006-08-07Corrected several minor errors.
2006-05-23Added description of represented objects and updated examples and descriptions of singleton objects and object copying.
2006-03-08A new document that gives developers an orientation to the basic concepts, terminology, architectures, and design patterns of Cocoa.

The now-retired documents consolidated as chapters in this document are "What Is Cocoa?," "Cocoa Objects," "Adding Behavior to a Cocoa Program," "Cocoa Design Patterns," and "Communicating With Objects." Two new chapters have been added: “The Core Application Architecture on OS X” and “Other Cocoa Architectures on OS X”. In addition, the discussion of the Model-View-Controller design pattern in Cocoa Design Patterns has been greatly expanded.