Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to WebKit Plug-In Programming Topics.

2011-05-17Updated for OS X v10.7.
2009-03-13Added information about 64-bit WebKit plug-ins in OS X v10.6.
2008-10-15Added information regarding alternatives to plug-in development.
2006-12-05Updated code sample for webScriptNameForSelector.
2006-04-04Made minor editorial corrections throughout.
2006-02-07Added information to the isSelectorExcludedFromWebScript function.
2006-01-10Added information about universal binaries.
2005-08-11Corrected typos in sample code and updated link to the QuickTime Active X Plugin tutorial.
2005-04-29New document that explains how to develop and deploy browser plug-ins based on the Web Kit architecture.