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Logging and Analyzing Adaptor Activity

If an adaptor sees that a file named logWebObjects exists in the temporary directory, it will log its activity in WebObjects.log in that same directory. The temporary directory depends on the platform:

You can analyze the information in the log to find out such things as which applications are being requested, which applications are being autostarted, and what the HTTP headers of requests are. You can also use the log to verify if adaptors are properly configured for load balancing. For example, the following excerpt includes a warning message printed when the adaptor cannot find the WebObjects.conf file in the expected location.

  INFO: -- WOServerAdaptor: Load Balancing for Examples/TimeOff
  WARN: -- WOServerAdaptor: "No such file or directory" occured while 
  opening the configuration file C:\NETSCAPE\ns-home\httpd-80\config/WebObjects.conf

The procedure is:

  1. Start a shell program (on NT use the Bourne Shell in the WebObjects program group).

  2. Change to the temporary directory (using the cd command).

  3. Enter the following command to create the logWebObjects file:
        touch logWebObjects

  4. Then enter the tail command to print the current activity in the adaptor to standard output (the shell window):
        tail -f WebObjects.log 

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