Adding Files to a New Subversion Directory

Add nonproject files to a repository folder created with the repositories organizer.

To add files to a new Subversion directory
  1. In the repositories organizer, select the folder to which the files will be added.

  2. Click the Import button at the lower right corner of the window.

  3. Locate and select the desired file or folder.

  4. Click Import.

  5. Enter a commit message and click Import.

    The video shows adding the file Branching_conventions_and_protocols.txtto the Admin_Docs Subversion directory.

The repositories organizer supports creating a folder in a subversion repository for maintaining and administering the repository. For example, you might want to include documents that provide details for a specific branch or that specify any deviations from your organization’s branching and merging protocols. To add folders and files to a project, use the project navigator in the workspace window.