Viewing Changes for a Specific Commit Version

View files in a specific commit version to inspect changes that you have made to those files.

To view changes for a specific commit version
  1. In the navigation pane of the repositories organizer, select the working copy folder of the project.

  2. Click the disclosure triangle next to the commit ID number.

  3. Click View Changes.

  4. Select a file in the navigation pane.

  5. Scroll, if necessary, to view changes in the file.

    The video shows viewing changes in the SKTLine.h file in the most recent commit version of the Skecth_git_M repository.

Clicking the disclosure triangle for a commit version reveals a list of changed files, allowing you to quickly scan for the one you want to inspect.

In the inspection dialog, Xcode displays the changes between the file you have chosen and the previous commit of the same file. For convenience, each change is highlighted in the editor pane and indicated by a red mark in the scroll bar.