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Version 1.0, 2003-07-29
Demonstrates variety of techniques and features of Carbon. DataBrowser , PBCatalogSearchAsync, Overlay windows, Tab controls, more...
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Runtime Requirements:
Carbon (both 9 and X) Mac OS 8.6 (CarbonLib) - Mac OS X

This sample demonstrates a variety of techniques and features of Carbon which alone may not have warranted their own sample. DataBrowser and colored text Volume searching with PBCatalogSearchAsync Implementing advisory locks with "lockfiles" Overlay windows and large cursors Sheet Alerts How to bundle your CFM based application for use in CodeWarrior How to install the default event handlers without really using RunApplicationEventLoop() How to efficiently set up and use cooperative threads from a CarbonEvent based application Uses CarbonEvents on the Application, window, and control targets Uses EventLoop Timers How to use Nib's within your application Tab controls How to enable the Preferences menu CFPreferences How to add a help book How to add a custom menu item to the Help menu 128 Bit Icon Calls Mach-O code from CFM application. Requirements: Mac OS 8.6 (CarbonLib) - Mac OS X Keywords: GrabBag DataBrowser PBCatalogSearch