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Version 1.0, 2003-01-30
Illustrates one way to use the HTMLRenderingLib Library.
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HTMLSample is an application illustrating how to use the new HTMLRenderingLib services found in Mac OS 9. HTMLRenderingLib is Apple's light-weight HTML rendering engine capable of displaying HTML files. - shows how to draw HTML in a window using the HTMLRenderingLib, - shows how to use the URL utilities provided by the HTMLRenderingLib, - shows how to maintain a history of visited links and provide call backs to the HTMLRenderingLib for providing information about visited links, - shows how to intercept URLs being displayed by the HTMLRenderingLib and re-direct them to other files. In this example, we use this facility to allow you to launch applications by clicking on URLs that refer to application files. - shows how to set up the drawing environment correctly for drawing other objects in the same window when the window contains a HTML rendering object. Requirements: Mac OS 9, CarbonLib 1.1 or later