Link Snoop

Last Revision:
Version 1.0, 2005-06-01
Shows how to use PDFKit to scan for and highlight link annotations in PDFs.
Build Requirements:
Mac OS X Tiger
Runtime Requirements:
Mac OS X Tiger

A simple application using the new Quartz framework, PDFKit in Mac OS X Tiger. When a user to open a PDF with the application it scans it for Link annotations that have a URL associated with them. URL link annotations are displayed in an NSTableView. As well, the PDF is displayed with these annotations highlighted. It shows simple use of PDFKit including creating a PDFDocument and associating it with a PDFView. It shows how to subclass PDFView and override the drawing method in order to render a box around Link annotations. It demonstrates bounds-testing of text on a PDFPage (using PDFSelection's). It also demonstrates simple creaton of PDFDestination's.