File:       MIB_Carbon.h
    Contains:   prefix for Carbon target in MIB libraries project
    Written by: Pete Gontier
    Copyright:  Copyright © 1999 Apple Computer, Inc.
    Change History (most recent first):
         <2>     23/9/99    Quinn   Define TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON, which is the real name of the
                                    switch.  I'll remove TARGET_CARBON in some future release, once
                                    MIB has made the switch to UI 3.3.
         <1>     2/11/99    PCG     initial check-in
#pragma once
    //  This file is just here to tell the Carbon target in the
    //  library project to compile for Carbon. You don't need to
    //  include this file; all it will ever do is #define TARGET_CARBON.
    //  And, with that...
    //  TARGET_CARBON was used by older versions of the Carbon
    //  interfaces.  Modern code should use TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON.
    //  I've added the definition here, but I haven't removed
    //  the TARGET_CARBON definition because it's used by lots
    //  of code within MIB and MIB isn't prepared to make the
    //  leap to Universal Interfaces 3.3 yet (because they're
    //  not final yet)