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Version 1.0, 2005-06-01
Sample code used in the WWDC 2005 Hands-On session 215 "Moving from QD to Quartz"
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Mac OS X 10.4

Demonstrates solutions for various issues the come up during a QD -> Quartz conversion: a) Tracking loop to collect CGPath data: globalToLocal, HIView coordinates b) Using a CGPath and CGPathApply for drawing and clipping (vs. the QD clipRgn) c) Using a 1x1 bitmap context for hit testing d) Drag a clipped image portion around (vs. GWorlds, CopyBits, maskRgn, CopyDeepMask etc.) e) Use a masked image to remove the white background in the image (vs. CopyBits, SearchProc, BitmapToRegion etc.) f) Demonstrate two different ways to produce the masked image: CGImageCreateWithMaskingColors, and CGImageCreateWithMask, where the mask was an image created from a gray-level bitmap context.